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Media Center show 85 er på gaden..

1. Dec 2006 14:11, MCE2005

Her har du sidste nye Media Center show.. god fornøjelse.


This week on the show Gregg Cannon of Cannon PC joins me to talk about Cannon PC s range of Media Center PC s and building Media Center Servers
I have email in to the show and items from around the web.

Show Times:
00:43 Coming up this week
01:07 Email - MyTVtoGo
02:36 Email - Vista XBOX 360 problems
04:23 Big Screen Contacts for Vista Media Center
04:50 Webguide 4.0 adds live TV streaming
06:19 The Media Center Show Awards 2006
07:58 CES 2007
08:24 A Message from Onevoice
09:14 Welcome to Gregg
10:07 Cannon s background
12:50 Picking Media Center components
18:00 Building a PC for the home
21:09 Cannon PC s products
23:00 Hot Swap drives
24:00 Rack Designs
30:00 Client and Servers
31:30 Microsoft Remote Keyboard
33:00 Onevoice s Media Center Remote
35:10 Case Displays
38:10 Why do Media Center PC cost more?
42:00 Vista Media Center demand
44:37 Future plans
50:00 Thanks to Greg