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Nyheder om Media Center produkter

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Media Center show 109 er på gaden..

29. May 2007 12:08, MCE2005

Så er der nyt om Media Centre...

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This week on the show MCE Integration's Jason Alinen returns to the show to talk about Media Center integration and his companies Ice House Media Center Jukebox. I have an update on the prize packing (including my book "Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center").

Show Times:

00:50 Coming up this week
01:20 Email - Update on the Vidabox keyboard given away on show 97
02:03 Email - Does the Media Center Keyboard work with Media Center
03:05 Email - How good is the Palm Treo 750?
04:43 Media Center Keyboard - Missing
05:15 Ricavision Sideshow device
06:38 Media Center components, Hardware forums on The Digital
08:01 New Media Center systems news from CE Pro
08:57 New Media Center PCs from Exceptional Innovation
09:39 Yanza's free Home Automation Software
10:05 Win my book "Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center" and prize pack
10:52 A Message from One Voice
11:59 Welcome back to Jason
14:00 Icehouse Media Center Jukebox
18:43 Touch screens
22:30 HP TouchSmart
25:28 AV Installers
26:54 Extenders
31:33 Home Automation
35:44 Media Center Support
40:00 Using the 10 foot version of Orb
45:31 UMPC as an Extender - see this video
49:00 The Microsoft Digital Home
52:00 Thanks to Jason, back in a couple weeks (June 14th)