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Media Center show 106 er på gaden..

9. May 2007 20:24, MCE2005

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This week on the show Sean Alexander returns to talk about Microsoft Silverlight and the announcements made at NAB and this weeks MIX conferences . There are some great cross browser, cross platform technologies for delivering rich interactive applications over the web, including Microsoft Silverlight Steaming.

 Show times

00:40 Coming up this week
01:29 Email - TV on Windows Home Server, Gizmodo link
03:10 Do you leave your Xbox 360 on all the time?
04:00 The Digital Video Show #4 - Recording TV
05:38 "Using Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center" now shipping
06:12 Big Screen Photos v2 video
07:20 Ed Bott on Windows Home Server
07:58 Pictures of an Omura Media Center design
08:36 Update to the Windows Media Center SDK
09:00 Have you tried an indoor aerial?
10:07 A message from Onevoice
11:10 Welcome to Sean
11:31 Microsoft Silverlight
12:40 What is Silverlight
16:00 Working cross platform
20:28 Expression Tools
30:00 The web Experience
32:45 Longhorn Server Server Media Role
38:52 The Silverlight control
40:40 Silverlight experiences
42:36 Silverlight Streaming
46:49 What is the difference from MSN Soapbox
49:00 How Silverlight got named
53:00 Silverlight SDK
54:00 Silverlight 1.1 Alpha
57:30 Go to or
58:30 Sean's Blog
59:00 Thanks to Sean