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Media Center show 103 er på gaden..

13. Apr 2007 09:51, MCE2005

The Media Center Show #103 - Francis Hogle (2007-04-11) 

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This week on the show Francis Hogle Development Manager for Windows Media Center joins me to talk about Windows Media Center and how its progressed over the last five years and especially for developers. 

Show times

01:00 Coming up this week
01:40 Signal splitting problems
03:15 Running a script from Media Center
04:22 Try mControl
04:36 HD TV 720 or 1080?
05:48 Update to the Xbox 360
07:09 My Blockbuster addin
07:41 My video on media interfaces on the Samsung UMPC
09:33 Charlie Owen on Accessibility in Media Center
10:26 AskCharlie on The Media Center Show
10:42 Forum poster of the week
11:43 Win a copy of Vista - Beyond the manual
12:25 A message from One Voice
13:30 Welcome to Frances
14:55 Media Center in the beginning
17:31 Media Center Presentation Layer
21:28 Incremental updates
24:45 A platform for developers
32:31 Optimizing application for Extenders
34:29 How does WPF fit with Media Center
39:33 Why is there no GUI tool for designing Media Center application
41:08 Developers
45:18 Media Center Sandbox
48:03 Thanks to Frances
48:40 Media Center Blog