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Nyheder om Media Center produkter

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Media Center 110 er på gaden..

20. Jun 2007 16:21, MCE2005

The show returns with Richard Stenlund, General Manager of HiPe PC. He is talking about their new in car Media Center System. We talk about the features including GPS, voice control, and how it fits in with the rest of your Media Center network. After trying a laptop balanced on the front seat of my car I think this is going to be a great solution. I have email in to the show, news items and stuff to giveaway (including my book)

Show Times:

00:50 Coming up this week
02:16 Email - WMV playback problems on Xbox 360, see this thread on The Green Button
04:51 Webguide Update
05:09 Microsoft Surface Computing
06:27 Vidabox CableCARD
06:55 Chris Lanier CableCARD FAQ
07:21 EMUCenter - Yougle
08:28 Big Screen Movies
09:20 Forum Post of the week
10:33 Win a Prize Pack, including my book
11:10 A message from One Voice
12:11 Welcome to Richard
13:08 In Car system features
16:25 Type of systems
21:00 Touch and voice control
28:29 One unit to do it all
30:58 Rugged systems
34:47 Security
41:00 Why not use Windows CE?
44:33 Installation
49:56 Outlook in the car!